Gluteus workouts for home and at the gym

Right at home


This is a great glut workout that you can do right at home between commercials, homework, or anytime. This does not require lots of time and it is very efficient for the  gluts.

  1. start off  kneeing on the floor at the waist with your arms extended in front of you. Arms spaced at shoulder length and your legs spread at the same distance. Your head should be looking forward and the bend of the knees should create a 90-degree angle at the glut to the ankles.
  2. slowly lift up your right leg until it’s alined with your back. Make sure you maintain your 90-degree angle. (as shown in the lower image) During your motion you want to make sure you are squeezing your gluteus, this targets the gluts while raising your leg. 
  3. Go back to the start of the motion with your knees and arms parallel to one other. 
  4. Do the same motion in step 2 but instead of your right do it with your left leg. 
  5. Continue to switch legs and do 3 sets of 12 – 15 rep

More glut exercises to come!


~ by Robustness final cut on October 24, 2012.

One Response to “Gluteus workouts for home and at the gym”

  1. Thanks, this is just what i was looking for!


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